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27 January 2009 @ 04:10 pm
After a long long long time, I'm back to posting.
Ha, just wanna post that I won't be posting much on this livejournal beause there's nothing to post about.
No readers and stuff..
I'm going to close this livejournal asap.
31 December 2008 @ 12:52 am

Met kuan to cut hair today.
Stupid crows woke me up at 5am, crowing non-stop till 7am.
I can't stand noises when I'm sleeping.
Once I woke up, immediately rush to com and log in to youtube!
Sexyyyyy performance!!!

Spazzing early in the morning with loved chillie.
After watching the performance, we can't type properly.
Shivering like some ass.
Ow man, I can't get my eyes off their backs.

Okay, stop!
For those who don't know what performance I'm talking about, just forget about what I wrote earlier on.
It's just some korean stuff.

After spazzing enough, went to wash up and met kuan.
Went to lot one early in the morning to waste time then go back to cut hair near our neighbourhood.
Stupid her, I went to her house and waste time since I don't wanna go home yet.
She is a monster! Kept bullying me..
Firstly, injured my hand with her nails.
Secondly, keep using the small pillows to beat me up.
My eyes nearly drop out!

She's super duper scary.
Scary beyond scary..
But she did alot of stupid things and embarrassed herself a lot of times!
I can't even finish counting with my fingers and toes.
KUAN! Thank me for helping you rip that cd.

Had so much fun today with her.
I guess friends with the same interest really mixed quite well.
Felt really nice and comfortable with her.
She's a nice nice friend to play and talk to.
I really hope in 2009, we can be closer friends.
Well, that's all for today...

17 December 2008 @ 01:05 am

After so long and so many things happen, I'm finally back to posting.
I met so many new friends.
They're so nice, all come from different countries.
I love them! They share the same interests as me.
How cool is that.

In front of them, I can talk about korean stuffs non-stop.
They're the ones who go crazy with me.
They're the ones who understands me.
Honestly, I can't stop loving them.

Yi friends went to camp and I'm struck at home with a sister.
Hehehe, but never mind.
I got new friends to accompany me.
There're really nice people.
They can accompany me online.

Life is never boring for me now.
Full of laughter and happiness.
Finally I'm back to my old self.

These few days, I'm stuck at home to take care of my little sister.
Parents went to work, elder bro in chalet, younger bro staying over at aunt's house.
Urgh, me staying home with little sis.
Sleeping late, waking up early to buy lunch for her.
Aish, I'm a responsible elder sister.
How cool.

I'm ending my post here.
Nothing to post anyway.

06 December 2008 @ 09:57 pm

I don't know why I'm so in love with this picture!
Really love this picture a lot!

Christmas is coming and I hope presents are coming too.
I want this korean calendar and this belt bangle and this steel ring and this, that, this, that.
I need money!
How i wish santa claus is real right now.
I'm a good girl so I believe that I'll receive presents from santa.

What to post, what to post.
I pray that money just start to roll in my pocket.
How I wish I'm rich, I don't have to be those very rich people.
At least let me be rich to buy the things that I want so badly.

06 December 2008 @ 01:53 am


Had so much fun in kbox with belle dajie, li yuan, aud, junhao and caiyan.
Although we were so crazy and hyper, but it was fun.
I feel so relaxed when I'm with them.
I don't have to care about my image or anything.
I can go as mad with them.

Went to singapore flyer and THANKS AUD for treating us the tickets.
Thanks dajie for the taxi fee there.
Took pictures and pictures when we're on the cabin.
Went crazy and stuff.
Unglam photos of me.

I'm so worn out today.
Didn't sleep well for a few days.
Thanks li yuan for showing so much care and concern.
Ha, have a nice sleep and rest.

Pray hard the next year will be my first trip to my beloved country, Korea, Seoul.


History's repeating itself.
C'mon, blush people!
01 December 2008 @ 05:53 pm

Holidays are boring enough for me.
No school, no job=no life.
I want to work! I need money so desperately!
I think my holidays are all about crashing my sleep and waking up late evening.

Laid on my bed from 1am to 550am staring into space.
I forced myself to sleep but just can't seem to get to sleep.
I tried counting sheeps but it made me more focused. Ha! Stupid method.
I counted until 200+ sheeps and got frustrated. IT DOESN'T WORK!
I seriously need to sleep.

Had a serious chat with sylvester that day on msn.
Ha, it was real serious.
We weren't quarreling or anything.
I didn't know what to say or what to answer.
He's a nice person, I must say.

I don't think I'm really negative.
I think I'm just thinking a lot of things, thinking about the consequence and blah, blah, blah.
Almost everything a human can think of.
Yeah, maybe sometimes I'm really negative but it's just sometimes.
I realised that thinking too much makes me worry about so many unneccessary things.
It gives me stupid kind of stress.

Yeah, sylvester and so many people are right.
Maybe I should just look on the bright side sometimes.
I'm starting to be more confident and look at things the other way round.
Worrying about so many things gives me bad sleep.
Bad sleep gives me bad dark eye circles and pimples plus dry skin.

Thanks for those people who really cared for me.
I really appreciate it.

29 November 2008 @ 10:58 pm

Ow man! I didn't have a good night sleep for about 2 days.
Laid on my bed for 6hours but only asleep for 2 hours.
I was staring into space for that freaking 4hours.
Eye circles getting darker and darker these days.
Damn! Ugly shit.

Attended service today. Everyone was wearing red and I'm not.
I was black while everyone was red.
Ha, how not united I am.
Oh anyway, early happy birthday to pastor daniel!

I guess everything is a mistake.
It's a grave mistake that've made.
I still find shutting up is the best way to solve all things.

Thanks richelle, cherie for texting me today and showing concern.
I'm fine, totally fine. (:
I guess I won't be having a good night sleep today.
Ending this post now with a FULLSTOP.


24 November 2008 @ 05:53 am

Dammit! I want long and skinny legs! I don't want my thighs to be so fat.
I want to have good skin! I don't want my skin to be like some potato skin.
Although I truly love potato.

I want to look pretty and nice at least.
I pray for that eye circles to be gone.
How I wish my nose won't be that flat and big.
I look like I'm having a pig nose.

I want to have a nice jaw.
I want to have a perfect face features.
Okay, maybe not perfect. At least nice features.
Oval-shaped face, thin lips, high nose, baby skin complexion.
I like my eyes though.

I need new clothes so badly!
I want to go shopping so badly but I need money!
Damn! I pray hard for all these to happen!

Looking at the mirror always freak me out when I saw this ugly monster staring right back at me.

23 November 2008 @ 01:05 am

After 4 long days, finally I can use my com again.
Bro changed the password and kinda banned me from using.
But after all, he still told me the pass when I asked for it.

I went to service today with a weird feeling.
Didn't go for the previous week because of duneanite.
I feel that I'm falling away from the cell group.
Felt so "not included" when I'm with them.

Damn, I'm getting fat!
Fats are growing in my tummy!
Need to get rid of them soon.
Going to find a job and keep myself occupied.
I'm gonna work, work and work so I won't have time to think about other unimportant things.

Oh man, I seriously don't feel like going to cell group this coming saturday.
I won't be going chalet so it'll be so weird if I join them on saturday after their chalet.
Damn, I really have to get myself busy.
I want to be as busy as possible.
Maybe getting all busy can relief this unknown stress.

I pray hard.

16 November 2008 @ 09:41 pm

But this phone is only in korea.
A samsung brand I think.
Certain korean celebrity did a CF for this phone.
CF=promo (korea terms?)
Damn, I want this phone soooo very badly.
I beg my pocket to be rich!